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Normawind markets CFD based software WindSim in Spain and provides its technical support. CFD stands for Computational Fluid Dynamics. WindSim combines advanced numerical processing with 3D visualization.




About WindSim

WindSim allows the user to model wind in complex terrain more precisely and, therefore, to design more efficient and reliable wind farms in this kind of sites.

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WindSim 5.0

New terrain editor

Obtaining height data is usually straightforward even for high resolution datasets, while getting the corresponding high resolution roughness dataset could be more challenging. That is why WindSim developed the new Terrain Editor so you can establish your own roughness datasets starting with high resolution images readily available from many sources including Google Earth, Bing Maps, and others.

Enhanced 3D viewer

WindSim already delivers Park Layout for interactive wind park design in the 3D Viewer. Now, the 3D Viewer is a complete post-processor giving you the distribution of the wind speed and turbulence over the swept turbine area.

Wake Modeling with actuator disc

WindSim´s new CFD-based actuator disc approach provides better models for addressing wake-wake interactions in large offshore wind parks and wake-terrain interactions in complex terrain. The numerical model, with all turbines represented as actuator discs, is automatically and easily established based on your proposed turbine layout.

Variable height forest model

WindSim has developed a new Variable Height Forest Model to take advantage of the variable canopy height, giving more accurate description of the windfields.

INTERMAP® compatibility

WindSim is now compatible with the high resolution digital terrain models (DTMs) available from INTERMAP® extracting their elevation data and the height of the canopy layers.

Thermal stratification

WindSim offers CFD wind field simulations considering thermal stratification. This allows you to investigate flow blocking effects over mountains and the reduced wind speed at the hill tops in stable stratifications.

Noise calculations

WindSim delivers a broadband noise calculation feature showing a map of sound pressure levels from simulations to gain valuable insight into the way sound propagates from the wind turbines to the surrounding areas and objects.


PARK Optimizer

The Park Optimizer Module uses WindSim CFD simulations plus new optimization techniques to help you interactively design IEC-compliant wind park layouts. You can include costs and revenues to maximize the wind park profitability with respect to park size finding optimum number of turbines and location of each turbine.


Remote sensing correction

Remote sensing measurement techniques based on SODAR and LIDAR are gaining more traction in the wind sector than ever before. It is well known that remote sensing measurement techniques make simplified assumptions to calculate the wind speed which might be wrong in mountainous terrain. With WindSim´s remote sensing data correction feature you are able to overcome this weakness and to correct your measurement data.

Multiple core utilization

The computing time for your simulations is reduced dramatically with our new Multiple Core Utilization Module. You will be able to run models larger than ever before, and use 100% of your available computer resources in dual or quad core machines and in the more powerful multi CPU machines. You can run several sectors at the same time, or split the calculations of one sector onto multiple cores or CPUs.


WindSim courses

Normawind organises basic WindSim courses so you can learn how to set up and run WindSim. Contact Normawind to get information about oncoming scheduled courses.


How to buy WindSim

If yiu are interested in buying WindSim, please contact Susana Guiral: sguiral(a)normawind.com


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