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 Advance WindPRO Course, September 2019, Barcelona
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NORMAWIND is a commercial agency of WindPRO, developed by EMD. As such we:

  • Distribute WindPRO in the following markets:


America                            Europe
:. Mexico .:. Costa Rica .:. Honduras .:. Guatemala      

.:. El Salvador .:. Nicaragua .:. Panama .:. Belice



  • Provide sales and technical support to owners of WindPRO licenses in the countries where we distribute it

  • Offer basic and advanced training of WindPRO, either at indicated dates or in-company under assignment



  • What´s new in version 2.8
  • WindPRO modules
  • Module data sheets
  • Hardware requirements


About WindPRO

WindPRO is recognized as the most efficient and proven tool for planning and designing wind farms. Top wind turbine manufacturers, developers, engineering firms, electricity companies and public institutions are using WindPRO worldwide.

WindPRO software is composed by different modules, each one designed to perform a specific task so the user is free to order the modules he needs.

Therefore, WindPRO is the most comprehensive wind energy software.


WindPRO facts

  • WindPRO, has 3 times more licenses installed than its main competitor, hence is the reference software of the wind energy industry
  • WindPRO incorporates the latest validated innovations of the wind energy sector: Wint turbine power curves, in-built mesoscale data acquisition, etc.
  • WindPRO is usable, works under Windows environement and it is available in several languages
  • WindPRO is always under development, only 2 years passed between the former and the current version
  • Technical support provided by wind energy experts and huge on-line documentation
  • Periodical training: periodic calls of WindPRO courses (Basic and advanced). In-company training on demand



How to buy

Please, contact Normawind in case you are considering buying a WindPRO license or getting more information.

Sales support is provided by Susana Guiral (sguiral(a)normawind.com). She will assist you in choosing the modules that fit your need best.

Then, buying WindPRO is simple:

  1. We will send you a quotation with the items agreed with sales support
  2. Once you agree, we will send you a license agreement
  3. EMD will send you a temporary key valid for your firm for a short period of time
  4. Once the payment for the license is confirmed, we will send you a definitive key

You will be assisted by sales support all along this process.



WindPRO training

Normawind organizez WindPRO courses throughout the year. In-company training is also available under demand.

WindPRO courses allow the user to identify the software capabilities and learn how WindPRO works. The methodology of the course is based on a case study. By assisting to the course, the student will learn, in three days, how to:

  • Upload input data
  • Perform metheorological data analisis using WindPRO
  • Perform Energy production calculations using several models (such as WAsP, ATLAS)
  • Perform basic environmental impact calculations
  • Perform visual presentations of the wind farm layout

Dates for the organized courses are (year 2013):

- Basic Course

   > 28-30 january 2013 in Mexico

   > 19-21 february 2013 in Barcelona

   > 15-17 october 2013 in Barcelona

    > 19-21 november 2013 in Mexico

+Download here the course syllabus+

- Advanced Course

    > 19-20 march 2013 in Barcelona

    > 23-24 september 2013 in Zaragoza

NOTE: The organizers reserve the right to cancel the course in case a minimum quorum is not achieved

WindPRO - Global management of Wind farms


If you are interested in In-company training, please contact Normawind to get more information.



More WindPRO



WindPRO modules description

  • Platform
  • BASIS – Basic module for all other modules. Includes Wind Turbine catalogue, Project Explorer with World Globe, Project Administration, Map handling, Map composer, terrain profile viewer, etc.
  • Energy
  • MODEL – Interface with wind models (WAsP, CFD, ATLAS), AEP and wind resource maps
  • METEO – Import logger data, analyze, validate and calculate
  • RESOURCE – Calculation and presentation of Wind Resource Maps
  • MCP / Statgen – Measure, correlate and predict and generation of wind statistics
  • PARK – Wind Farm energy calculation including array or wake losses based on one of the modules listed above. Turbulence and RIX calculations
  • OPTIMIZE – Automatic optimization of layout for maximum energy output
  • LOSS & UNCERTAINTY: Bankable Loss and Uncertainty assessment
  • Environment
  • DECIBEL – Noise calculations, several country specific models included
  • SHADOW – Calculation of shadow impact (flickering)
  • ZVI – Calculation of Zones of Visual Influence for a specified area
  • IMPACT – Environmental impact with separate report for each neighbour
  • Visual
  • PHOTOMONTAGE – Rendering of Wind Turbines into landscape photo or artificial landscape
  • ANIMATION – Animated presentation of Wind Turbines on a photomontage
  • 3D-ANIMATOR – Virtual Reality presentation of Wind Turbines in an artificially generated landscape
  • Electricity
  • eGRID – Calculation of electrical grid connections
  • Financial Assessment
  • WINDBANK – Financial analysis of wind turbine projects


WindPRO modules Data Sheets         



|Meteo |Model |MCP |Park |Optimize |Loss&Uncertainty
ENVIRONMENT_ |Decibel |Shadow |ZVI |Impact

VISUAL_ |Photomontage |Animation |3D-Animator





  • Recommended system requirements:

- 2GHz processor with at least 1GB RAM
- 1GB Free Hard Disk
- Graphics Accelerator Card

  • Web page of WindPRO developer: www.emd.dk       


WindPRO course

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