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Micrositing and Energy assessment


Our team, with the support of the finest wind modeling and wind farm design software, optimizes the location of wind turbines with the aim to maximize energy output, while minimizing negative turbulence effects. They also deliver the necessary documentation regarding:

  • Wind farm micrositing (layout)
  • Wind Turbine site assessment
  • Energy assessment


Winf farm layout - Micrositing

A micrositing is the process through which the specific location of wind turbines is determined. Each position must comply several requirements regarding existing wind resource, distances from other wind turbines and neighbours, etc.

Normawind designs the wind farm layout using the most advanced wind flow modeling and wind farm planning tools

The aim of this service is to design a wind farm that meets the following requirements:

  • Productivity. The installation should maximize Annual Energy Production
  • Durability. The wind farm will reach its designed service life
  • Technical Feasibility. The wind turbines will be located at reachable sites

Therefore, the optimal allocation of the wind turbines in the area is essential and must be optimized in order to maximize energy output and to guarantee compliance with the designing parameters of the wind energy converter, e.g. its admissible turbulence, vertical wind profiles, etc.


Site Assessment

A Site Assessment is an analysis of the suitability of the selected wind turbine for the existing conditions on site.

Manufacturers provide different wind turbine models tailored for specific wind conditions.

This analysis implies the evaluation of several variables, such as extreme wind speeds, vertical profiles, etc. at each wind turbine position.

This requires consistent wind characterization on site and the selection of an appropriate wind turbine. It also implies the extrapolation of the wind measures to the whole site using the most advanced computing tools.

Normawind has the technical expertise to analyse the Wind resource reliably and masters the most used software packages, such as WAsP. On rough terrain, we also model flow using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) techniques.


Energy assessment

The AEP (Annual Energy production) of a Wind farm can be defined as the energy output delivered by the installation over a typical year.

An accurate Energy Assessment is not only critical for a sound financial assessment of the investment in the wind farm but it may be required in bidding processes in order to provide a realistic price of energy or as an input in the connection to the grid processs

Normawind provides accurate, bankable AEP reports which also include uncertainty estimation.



Service provision

Normawind delivers the service worlwide.



To hire this service, please contact Normawind at:

- Web Form:

- Skype: dpcnormawind

- e-mail:info@normawind.com



Normawind recommends on-site visits once a preliminary wind farm layout is finished in order to verify that input data used are correct.

Knowledge of the site provides essential information and minimizes incidences that the project could suffer.

Furthermore, a complete documentation of the project is essential for financial assessment studies with minimum uncertainty regarding estimated output, hence 


More info

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