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Wind Farm Engineering and Environmental Studies

The construction of a Wind Farm requires a precise planning and compliance with the current legislation. This is attained by a thorough elaboration of the project of the wind farm.

Moreover, as for any infrastructure works that includes prominent elements, e.g. blades, tower, etc., located at spots visible from distant places, it is compulsory to take into consideration the logistic requirements of such pieces and its temporal and permanent environmental impacts, e.g. visual impact, noise, etc.

At NORMAWIND, we coordinate multidisciplinary groups during the design engineering of the wind farm and the Environmental Impact Assessment stage in order to optimize the project and adjust it to the legal and environmental requirements. This scope allows the achievement of the following goals:

  • Overall profitability and feasibility of the project
  • Minimization of the environmental impacts generated by the wind farm and, therefore, avoiding possible opposition to its development

If the client requires so, wind farm projects may include:

  • Civil works layout, considering wind turbine logistics and the general layout of the wind farm (access roads, control centre, etc.)
  • Layout of the electricity infrastructure (internal distribution, substation, protections, etc.)
  • Health and safety assessment
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (Noise, flickers, endangered species, Zones of Visual Influence, etc.)


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