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Wind Energy Due Diligence

An accurate Project Finance requires that all administrative permitting and licenses to be properly granted and to be adjusted to the requirements of the project. Moreover, it must be guaranteed that the Annual Estimated Production (AEP) of the wind farm has been calculated following an appropriate methodology. This way, the promoter can be reasonably confident that no incidents might occur that hamper debt payments associated with the project.

Our experience in wind resource assessment campaigns and wind farm permitting allows us to evaluate the quality of studies carried out by third parties. We identify possible contingencies that could arise from any stage, providing the client with a qualified assessment of the project. To make it all possible:

  • We perform a technical review of the project
  • We check and contrast the wind resource assessment and the calculation process of the Annual Estimated Production
  • We check the proposed equipment matches with the project
  • We review the hypothesis of the financial model (budget, O & M fees, etc.) to make sure they match with market prices and that are aligned with the signed contracts
  • We study the key contracts (supply of wind turbines, O & M, etc.)
  • We review the state at which the administrative process is, and verify that the permits granted match with the project

This is the only way to ensure the technical, economical and legal feasibility of the project, thus providing relevant information to the promoter/financial agent so he can make decisions based on solid facts.

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