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Grid Connection
Wind Farms are usually located at remote areas and connected to weak grids. This feature might affect adversely the quality of the electric energy consumed by the users connected to the same grid.

To alleviate this effect, new grid codes are being developed worldwide. These codes establish stricter technical standards to be complied by wind farms.

These criteria include limits to voltage drop caused by connection/disconnection of the wind farm, adequate response to voltage dips and frequency disruption and, soon, it will be compulsory to provide grid quality services such as the injection of reverse phase sequence current or dampening of the power variations of the system.

NORMAWIND provides technical assistance for the connection of wind farms to the power grid, including aspects such as works tendering. Grid Connection is a service that generally goes beyond the mere administrative paperwork related to the connection. It might involve negotiations with neighbours on the use of a hub, tendering of the link farm-hub-grid and reaching agreements with the electricity companies over technical specifications. Moreover, it is necessary to comply with the local grid code and to justify that in the grid connection project.

We possess relevant technical knowledge to perform these activities adequately. This knowledge was gained by developing different grid connection projects.
Grid connection

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