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Wind Prospecting Tools

Wind prospecting tools are a set of services that provide the developer of a wind farm with sensible information regarding the feasibility of the project. After all, wind resource availability at site does not necessarily imply that a project is feasible: there are other critical requirements which must be present in order to develop a wind farm project.

At NORMAWIND, we identify theses critical requirements for our customers, ensuring that resources are not committed at unfeasible sites. We perform the following tasks that will allow determining whether the project can be brought into the pipeline:

  • Field visits
  • Gathering and analysis of critical information, e.g. environmental regulation, urban law…
  • Evaluation of affected land
  • Assessment of the possibilities of connection to the grid

Once the aforementioned tasks are performed, we issue a report on the suitability of the terrain for wind farm development. That report may also contain:

  • a recommendation of the wind farm boundaries,
  • an estimate of total capacity the site could hold
  • suggested nodes for grid connection.

Moreover, the report may also identify possible obstacles that could arise while promoting, such as environmental aspects related with protected species, urban planning restrictions or potential social conflicts.

These set of services were successfully provided for different projects and tendering processes, either in Spain (Aragon, Castilla-La Mancha) and worldwide (Peru, Uruguay, …).

The information may also be provided in any widely used GIS support such as WindPRO or GoogleEarth.

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