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Mesoscale Analysis

The Mesoscale Analysis service consists in the delivery of virtual wind data at the height the customer considers and a wind resource map of a previously defined site.

These data are generated by a supercomputer that can run the calculations the WRF model  (Weather Research and Forecasting) requires.

By contracting the Mesoscale analysis service it is possible:

  • To get wind resource maps of large areas. As large as the size of a whole country

  • To assess, for a given location, which areas are endowed with higher wind resource

  • To explore areas which are meteorologically unknown by the client

Therefore, our customers are able to:

  • Promote projects in new countries which at present are completely unknown

  • Participate in biddings at an affordable cost while minimizing the time to prepare the offer

Moreover, data supplied by the mesoscale analysis makes possible to:

  • Know wind resource availability before raising a measurement tower

  • Correlate mesoscale data with data measured at wind masts with the aim to reduce long term uncertainty and to verify that wind mast data is plausible

  • Fill in data gaps


The quality of the data obtained by mesoscale analysis exceeds any similar product currently existing in the market, allowing for resolutions as low as 500m

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