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NORMAWIND is a pioneer in providing comprehensive support to wind farm promoters throughout all the stages of the wind farm project.

Our multidisciplinary team received specialized training in the wind energy field and has a good command of the key factors, i.e. strategic, economic, technical and legal, that are essential for the success of the wind projects.

NORMAWIND can either participate by providing a personalized service to the project development team of the client or by taking command of the whole project.

  Project Management  
NORMAWIND provides comprehensive leadership of wind energy projects starting from the evaluation and planning phases, moving through the development itself, ensuring that the project meets expectations at every moment.

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  Preliminary Site Analysis  
NORMAWIND gathers and analyses all critical project information once preliminary interest in a site has been established. This allows for a prefeasibility study of the potential wind farm before taking steps to secure rights over land

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  Mesoscale Analysis  
NORMAWIND offers a cost effective service for obtaining specific wind conditions of a site.

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  Wind Resource Assessment  
NORMAWIND has extensive experience designing wind measurement campaigns. We constantly monitor the information from a site. Our main goal is to guarantee maximum data quality.

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  Micrositing and Energy assessment  
Our team, with the support of the finest wind modelling and wind farm design software, optimizes the location of wind turbines with the aim to maximize energy output, while minimizing negative turbulence effects.

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  Wind Farm Engineering and Environmental Studies  
Our technical team works to optimize the engineering of the wind farm project. We also meet environmental standards, by developing Environmental Impact studies. Thus, we give priority to the overall profitability and feasibility of the development, while taking into account all relevant environmental and political considerations.

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  Supervision of works  
NORMAWIND’s support continues through the construction phase of a wind farm. We have the skills to oversee construction project operations. Our aim in this matter is to deliver a project of the highest quality, on time and within budget.

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  Wind Energy Due Diligence  
NORMAWIND provides detailed and independent evaluation of projects. Thus allowing for a thoroughly understanding of the risks related to the project and to assess potential mitigation options.

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  Advisory services  
Our experience and knowledge of the industry allow us to provide comprehensive strategic consultancy for participants in the wind energy sector. We support our clients in the areas of market entry strategies, competitive analysis, acquisition advice, regulatory support, etc.

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  Grid Connection  
NORMAWIND offers technical assistance for the connection of wind farms to the electricity grid, including negotiation with electrical companies and tendering of work. Such issue may involve negotiations with neighbours about the use of the hub or reaching agreements with utilities.

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  Legal and Financial Consulting  
NORMAWIND, in close cooperation with acknowledged external professionals, offers a comprehensive legal and financial service, which allows the promoter to optimize the project finance and to control legal risks.

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  Permit Administration  
NORMAWIND manages the permits required for the wind farm development, backing the promoter during his interaction with governmental agencies. Our experience contributes to reduce delays due to further inquire required by the agencies.

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  Wind Prospecting Tools  
Normawind optimizes wind farm development costs from the early stages

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  Specialist's reports  
Technical assistance in wind farm related disputes

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Parc Tecnològic BCN Nord, Carrer Marie Curie, 8 - 08042 Barcelona Tel +34 93 241 12 75 info@normawind.com     legal