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Met masts


The location of the met mast and a sound installation of its meteorological equipment are fundamental for a precise knowledge (i.e. with minimum uncertainty) of the existing wind resource.

Normawind supplies, installs, maintains and monitors metheorological masts set up for wind energy applications, with IEC 61400 certification.

Furthermore, we provide a complete report of the mounting process and its configuration to ensure maximum traceability of the wind resource assessment campaign.


Geographic scope

Normawind provides this product worldwide. However, requirements exist concerning the free area existing at the site location and its access roads.


How to buy

To contract the supply of a wind mast, please contact Normawind through:

- Web form

- Skype user: dpcnormawind

- e-mail:info@normawind.com



Normawind first visits the proposed met mast location in order to verify that the installation delivery can be met and to explore potential elements that might harm the quality of the wind data.

The knowledge of the terrain supplies critical information for the development of a wind campaign with minimum incidents.

Furthermore, the complete documentation of the met mast installation and equipment configuration is the first step to ensure traceability of the data registered during the assessment campaign.


More Info

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  • Micrositing and energy assessment: Once the measure campaign is over, Normawind delivers a complete report describing the existing wind resource.
  • Mesoscale analysis: Get a preliminary wind resource assessment of the site before installing any equipment, for a fraction of its cost.

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